Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Instantly spying on you?

 Microsoft spying on you?    Even recording your actual keystrokes?   Coincidence?

4 days ago I looked at a used car. Nice young salesman named xxx Zhen. We talked about it but I did not drive it. Decided to email him and set up a time for a drive test. So I emailed him from Microsoft Outlook on Firefox about meeting up. First time I had entered his email into my computer system from his business card!

Less than 10 minutes later I get an email in my Spam folder from this other guy - Shen Zhen - he wants me to know about a car battery he can supply me ...

 THIS Mr Shen Zhen, is no relation to the Vancouver car dealer Mr. xxx Zhen. I have never emailed anyone in Shenzhen, China ever! And this guy's battery business is there - - -

NO. 11 building, Northern Yong Fa Industrial Zone, Yan Chuan Chao Yang Road.

And you think no one is watching you? My first two initials are R C. Think again.

Now I am afraid the car might come with a 'Trunk Zhen'


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