Thursday, August 6, 2015

Robotic war

The Robot army is coming.
Even Stephen Hawking is warning about it. So is Steve Wosniak, co founder of Apple. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX,  Christof Heyns, the UN Special Rapporteur, and many other scientists, scholars and intellectuals have written warnings.  It has recently been reported that these killer robots are about to become a reality. And they are going to roam our world with A.I. and the ability to define their own targets!
Crazy huh? So why and who will they target?
Well, if you think not you because you're not doing anything wrong. You might be the crazy one if you think YOU can define wrong.

Of course I see you
Someone somewhere may decide who is to stay and who should go. Robotic soldiers will probably emerge from underground bunkers and just go about their business. (from beneath the Denver airport?) Trimming the population. And there will be no need for a General on the battlefield to guide these troops.  Just as drones emerge from the blue skies and unleash missiles at desert huts now,  all flown remotely from bunkers 10,000 miles away in Minnesota or wherever.

How can this be? It's not incredible at all. You used to wind your alarm clock to sound off at 7 am. Now you can set your laptop to turn on at 3 am, go to a specific web site, download a file, install it and have it humming away for you when the r-r-r-ing sounds on that alarm clock! You simply program it.
We saw cruise missiles during the first Gulf War, flying down streets between buildings heading for targets, turning and twisting to their destination, looking ahead at certain buildings and landmarks for identifying their route! All sent from warships hundreds of miles out at sea! Programmed effectively from info collected from satellite. You can almost do the same with Google Earth and Street View, to place a picture of a certain house at a certain address, and put it into the mix for targeting! You just need a robot who can handle sensing the juxtaposition of the roof angle, porch, windows and door, to send an RPG crashing into the house and exploding! Sure it might be identical row housing, and your machine might kill every house, but that's only collateral damage! Target destroyed. But that is old technology.
Research what happened to journalist Michael Hastings for a glimpse of newer technology.

What will happen when a robot soldier gets going? It might be programmed to kill a certain type of people. With black skin, or long red hair or 6 feet tall or with a penis, or a hippie head band or a member of a certain church or someone who attended a military academy in Cleveland or was schooled in Holland or Iran or Florida. Or a survivalist who has weaponry in his basement! Or a Corvette driver. Or Neil Young whose weapons are protest lyrics. Endless information all obtained in seconds. And even Ted Nugent won't be able to make it to his own front porch to shoot back with his bazooka.

But not you, right? You are a doctor, or an IT programmer, or an electrical engineer, even a successful artist, you are important. Right? They'll just go after the political activists right? Wrong.
A writer you say? LOL, first to go! The ones in charge already know who they want. After the Russian revolution they killed off all those smart people. Same in Vietnam, Americans left and intellectuals were murdered, too much thinking going on there. Burma the same. Zimbabwe after Ian Smith. North Korea. You're smart and educated. Safe. Wrong. Even in what we regard as civilized countries people are being 'disappeared'.

The Robot Soldier will already be real-time connected to a satellite web. And you will have helped with the targeting of yourself! You posted that info on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. remember, and emails mentioned unmentionable things and 'friends' tagged your picture at the birthday party. So the robot already knows about you 20 seconds into its mission!
Then it uses thermal imaging to see you hiding in your basement, sensors to see your body shape, (that penis is a dead give away that you are male) facial recognition, gathered from all those cameras at the ball games, and from using your own webcam, even if you have it turned off, or that secret camera installed behind your TV screen, even iris reading when you are holding a thick book in front of your face! The soldier will be able to detect your heart racing and your blood pressure going through the roof of your head! Even see the trace of that broken ankle you had when you were twelve. Yes, that's you alright. ID complete.

And this is where the AI comes in, even if you are not the designated target, will the killer robot decipher your body functions as being afraid? Why are you afraid? You must be up to something. Perhaps to save itself, the Robot will interpret you as a threat, and use an 'independent decision' to fire a particle beam weapon to kill you. Leaving no trace that you ever existed. Like those depleted uranium bullets used in Iraq, no incriminating evidence, not even ash on the ground. But the robot is not trying to get away with a crime, simply doing the job. It knows no crime.

Sure, these robots will be produced to 'protect' you from terrorists, the usual spin to the gullible. They'll be patrolling to 'keep you safe.' Are you still going for that one? What else is there, how will you know? The art of investigative journalism will have died by then. Your head will be spinning from the spin. Just follow the baseball scores.

The plot of course, has been in the works for years now. The New World Order has been determined by people in shrouded paneled rooms, the chosen. We are nearing seven billion people on Earth. The Powers That Be, have determined that the optimal population on this planet is 500 million. Somehow, six and a half billion must be eliminated. Culled.
The way to do that, is to instigate wars, spread deadly diseases, DNA management, environmental upheavals etc. (HAARP?) But those methods are helter-skelter, take too long and subject to unintended mishaps. Germs don't always stay on poor people and human soldiers can begin to see the picture and start fragging lieutenants, like in Vietnam.

But complete control can be obtained by careful manipulation of computerized killer robots.
It will not be a war against the enemy, it will be a war against ourselves.

What could possibly go wrong?

there was no-one here

Hawking & Wozniak warning killer robots robots

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